How to Craft a Tag Line for Your Business

One of the biggest things you can do to really help you get the word out about your business is creating a memorable tag line to help people know what your site and business is all about.

What is a Tag Line?

For example, here, I am exploring the world of online content, experimenting with different forms of content, and sharing my results.

Pat Flynn teaches people how to do the hard work now so they don’t have to work hard later over at the Smart Passive Income blog.

At my disabled lifestyle blog I am helping families take control of their lives because Life Doesn’t End Because Your Child is Disabled.

These are just some examples. Each of these helps define the niche that we are targeting, and what we are trying to help people do with our content.

As you build your business, plan out what your main message is, and drill it down to a simple, meaningful phrase that people can easily recall.

How Do You Use Your Tagline?

Your tagline is part of your branding for your business. Everything that you publish should come back to that one core message that you are trying to share. You can even go off topic a little bit if you can find a way to tie it into that message. That message is really the core reason why people will follow what you have to share.

This should be something that you can recite in your podcasts, videos, and place on your banners.

I also use it in forum signatures, emails, and other places that I go outside my business. When I guest post, a version of it is always in my author bio. When I set up profiles on social sites and other places I will meet prospective clients, I share the same message. I am also updating my Facebook profiles with this message, and making it part of everything I put out there online.

It is part of my elevator speech that I use to tell people I meet in the real world about what I do online. I will go into how to create an elevator speech in a later post, but for now, start working on your tagline, and start integrating it into your content.