Affiliate Disclosure

At Life’s Hope Media, we strive to provide some of the best resources available to help you achieve all that you can with your life. However, we understand that there are many problems that you will face, and we cannot claim to be an expert at solving every problem.

Therefore, we work with many developers around the world who have worked hard to provide you with programs to help improve your life. We have affiliate agreements with many of the programs that we recommend through our blog, newsletters, and services. This means that often, when we recommend a program, we do receive a referral commission.

That being said, we personally review each and every program before making a recommendation. although some programs are advertisement agreements, all reviews and direct recommendations are based on personal experience, and thorough reviews of the programs. These reviews are a combination of personal experience with the programs in question, consulting with other users of the program, feedback from our clients and readers, and independent research concerning the program developers, and other experiences people have had.

All recommendations are based on our own opinions, and are not influenced by incentives for payment. Often, we have passed up programs with higher commissions and better incentives, to ensure that you recieve the quality of service that you deserve.

On occassion, we do receive free copies of books and training programs in order to review them for our readers. We will fully disclose these through the reviews that we publish, and our reviews are in no way influenced by receipt of free incentives.