How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?

How Often Should You Post On Your Blog?

When it comes to how often you should post on your blog, it often comes down to several key factors. To start with, you really need to know your audience in your niche.

Some niches won’t mind a blog updated once every few weeks, while some will lose interest if you don’t post several times per day.

However, as a general rule, I recommend at least posting once per week on a consistent scheduled basis. If you happen to add more than that, great. Even if you write an Epic Post, I would wait until your scheduled time, or at least have another post written to post at the appointed time so that your readers will know that your posting schedule is consistent at least on that one day a week.

With that being said, I know several bloggers who blog really well and only post once or twice a month. I really think having a consistent posting schedule, and making sure that you always post really informative, and highly valuable content that actually helps answer your readers questions will help you take your business to another level.

That being said, building your blog with content takes a lot of work. If you are just starting out, I recommend a more frequent schedule for your blog, while later on going to a modified schedule. This is simply to get enough valuable content on your blog as quickly as possible.

No matter what you do though, if you start posting on a consistent schedule, your blog will fill up in time, and readers will begin coming back to see what you have to say.