How to Create Banners For Your Website For Free

Weather you need a header, banner ads, logos, or other images for your blog or website, you need to learn a few basic skills. Although I really recommend paying someone to do it for you if you can, some of us are building our businesses on a tight budget.

When that happens, we often have to do things ourselves.

Today, I put together a few new banners, logos, and headers for my websites using a free tool called GIMP.

I recorded a video tutorial that will help you get started with simple banners for your header. Check it out below.

Banner Creation with Gimp Tutorial


Other Uses For GIMP

Once you have your header, you can also make other images for your marketing efforts. I have used it to make banners for my products and affiliate products that don’t provide them for me. I also have used them to make simple logos for my blogs, graphics for my podcasts, Facebook, and other media sites, and to even create memes and featured images for my blogs.

The Elements of an Effective Banner


As you start creating banners, there areĀ  a few elements you need to have in place.

Once you have named your website or blog, you need to have it as the main point of the banner.

Also, you should have your tag line for your website and your website URL.

I also like to include a picture of some kind, usually of me as the website owner, that looks relevant to the niche market I am targeting.

In the tutorial, I used an image of me and my wife, since we are co-hosting a podcast as well as our disabled daughter, since it is for my blog for families of disabled children.

I have also been sharing that image in various groups around the web, so when people find our site, they may recognize us as someone they know a little already.

Whatever you need the images for, GIMP is an easy way to make free images for your website. You can find lots of better tutorials on YouTUBE. in fact, that is where I learned most of what I have learned about how to use it.

My advice if you are new is to KISS it. Keep It Short and Simple until you can outsource the work to get more professional results. That is what I am doing here.