Don’t Rip Your Hair Out Over Keyword Comptetition Analysis

Keyword competition analysis is probably one of the biggest headaches that most people have online. After all, hitting the target with your keywords is the key to being successful in this business.

But, the problem is that most people waste so much time worrying about competition that they don’t take action and move forward. Although looking at the competition is important ( you don’t want to ignore them completely), you shouldn’t waste hours of your time worrying about what others are doing.

After a lot of questions from people about how to do keyword competition analysis, and trying to explain it, I decided to record a couple of short videos on how you can do it using Traffic Travis.

Here is the first part, using a small, easy competition keyword:

and make sure you check out part 2 where I show you how to figure out a more comptetive keyword, and show you my formula for how to know how many links you need to rank for the keyword (as well as a few extra link building tips):

I hope these videos help you out. Let me know in the comments if you still have any questions