Get Started with Basic Keyword Research

Get Started with Basic Keyword Research

If you haven’t even started creating web content yet, you really need to begin with some basic keyword research.

I often tell people that I don’t spend a lot of time on SEO and Google especially. However, it is an important part of utilizing your content on the web. With the right tools and strategy, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. Also, there is a lot more to basic keyword research than just pleasing the big bad Google bots.

Although many people think of keywords as just an SEO tool, the fact is that keywords will help people realize what your post is about, and if it is relevant to what they need.

Why is Basic Keyword Research Important?

Whenever people are looking to solve a problem, wherever they are online, they will pick up on keywords that help define that problem in a way that they understand and resonate with.

Also, understanding the language people are using when looking for inforation will help you realize the buyer intent of the people who are looking. Often, if people are looking to pay for information, the language they are using and thinking will differ if they are just looking for a simple solution to a small problem.

NO matter how you are getting people to your site, you need to understand that your keywords are essential to the survival of your content development.

Everything that you will do online will center around the principles of basic keyword research. You have to know what your potential customers want, and where to find them.

This is the first dead fall for most new marketers and bloggers.

Analysis Paralysis leads to people failing to get the basics right. You also need to not over think your way through this. It can be simple once you get started.

How to Start Your Basic Keyword Research

In 5 minutes, you can build a list of 20-30 keywords that you can target for your site.

Ok, so it will take a little longer than that to judge competition, but it still won’t take much longer than that. Ever since I started out online, there are very few tools I trust to really give me the data that I need for keyword research.

Although I have tried many others, Traffic Travis has been my goto keyword planning, tracking, and researching tool. Check out this video from Traffic Travis creator (and my personal mentor) Mark Ling:



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(just to be fair, I am an affiliate of Traffic Travis, and do receive commissions. However, It is one of the few tools I personally use every day in my business.) I really recommend Traffic Travis to start your basic keyword research and start building something right away to get your business off the ground.