Content Strategist

Hey, thanks for stopping by Lifes Hope Media. I am a Content Development Strategist. I help people to strategically develop content for websites, blogs, syndication, information ducts, sales scripts, and more.

Over the last 10 years, I have built over 100 of my own websites as well as developed content as a ghost writer for many clients, and coached several marketers into successful content strategies to build their websites, syndication, and more.

The One Thing Missing

I have seen loads of websites that have good, sometimes even great content. But, they don’t ge the traffic, traction, or buzz that they really deserve. Although high quality content is important, it isn’t the only thing that you need to take your business to another level.

As I talk to top marketers and bloggers like Ileane Smith, Jack Humphreys, and more, I have found that there is one thing most content developers I see are missing in their content, and it is a huge part of why they fail to get the necessary results.

The Secret to Mastering Your Content

The biggest thing that you need is a strategic plan! Building your business with a strategic plan will help you  take things to a whole new level. Once you know and undertand how every single thing that you say and do impacts your business, you will find that it is much easier to figure out what to say, and when to say it.

I spent years just posting content, and I had some success doing that. However, I didn’t really have a plan to follow. I was posting content that was good, but failed to use the leverage I had because I didn’t really have a solid foundation for building a sustainable long term business.

Today, I want to help you develop a successful online business by creating a customized strategic plan for your content that will lead your business to success

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