About James Pruitt


Welcome to Life’s Hope Media. I put together this site to help new marketers build their online brand.

I am James Pruitt, the founder of  Life’s Hope Media, and the producer and editor of Embracing Your Life Today. Through this site, I ammy experiences online to help bloggers and online marketers build a successful presence through content development strategies.

Whether you are blogging for your business, or just for fun, we have tips and advice to help you make the most out of your efforts.

 A little about me…

I started out online in 2008, learning about affiliate marketing. I started with simple affiliate sites, and had some success, although not a lot. Along the way, I lost my job, and had to make some cash FAST! I didn’t have a lot of time or skills, but I took what little I knew and started my freelancing services to help others build their sites.

Over time, I continued building my own sites, and started blogging. I found that I was getting the best results through forums, and later social media. Then I began guest posting on blogs, and blog commenting. Today, blog commenting, forum posting, and Guest blogging combined account for 80% of my traffic to all my sites. Although some sites do more or less with other traffic tactics, those 3 tactics alone make up the majority of my business online.

Through it all, I have found that relationship marketing is easier, faster, and when done right, converts to sales better than other methods such as SEO. and they are much easier on an empty wallet early on than paid advertising methods like Banner ads, PPC, and Media Buys.

Over time, I saw a lot of changes online, some of which have hurt my efforts. I have also made a lot of mistakes, some of which even caused me to go back into the workforce, leaving my online business for most of 2 years.

Now, I have decided to get back to the basics and rebuild my online business. I am going to use the blog here with a monthly podcast sharing what works and what doesn’t work as I rebuild my online business.

My focus is on content development, using different strategies to share content through various media outlets. I will share what I am doing, and how my different trials work out so that perhaps you can learn to build your business better as well.


Outside of my business I am married with a 13 year old step son and a beautiful daughter, who was born with a rare brain malformation. Part of my break over the last year was spent taking time to be with her, and going to and from her various Doctors

My focus is on using the struggles I have been through in my own life to help others create a better life for themselves and their families. Check out the blog and let me help you build your online business.